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zx10 wheel conversion to a zx14

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OK I got my wheels in today and we have started teh project of putting 10 wheels on my 14.

Here is what I have so far --

I am going to run a 06-07 zx10 wheels.

The front was easy -- pretty much a direct swap -- zx14 axle, spacers, and brake rotor.

The front setup with 1 brake rotor no spacers or axle.

ZX14 - 14.8 lbs
ZX10--12.8 lbs

The rear wheel is a bit tougher -- so far we have the bearings converted but are working on crush tube and other spacers -- then we will tackle the brakes.

The wheels with rotor and sprocket carrier -- no sprocket no outside spacers

ZX14 22lbs
ZX10 17lbs

So total loss so far is 7lbs.

we will be building a kit to do this conversion so stay tuned.

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