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ZX10 race kit, 62mm turbo, injectors, icewater IC

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For sale is a race turbo system for a ZX10. The kit was designed for a 06-07, but it should work on a 2004-2010. The turbo is a 62mm. It makes a lot of power, and is very efficient, but was designed for land speed or drag racing, so low end power was not a priority. It will work on a street bike, but with this turbo it would be a monster.

15psi = 300hp
20psi = 350hp
25psi = 400hp

I have run up to 32psi, and with that boost it went 245mph in the standing mile at Maxton this summer. It's faster than any other 1000cc bike in the mile, holds 6 ECTA records, 3 Loring records, and 1 SCTA record. Last week I tuned it for alcohol, to try to go 250 in the mile, and it was making great power, 415 hp at 20psi, but broke a connecting rod at 25psi, and now I'm parting it out to try Production class racing on a Gen 4.

The dyno charts below are with 10.5:1 pistons, C-16 fuel, around 11.5:1 AFR, with 6 degrees ignition retard. Stock head with 2 '08 intake cams. The intercooler with icewater will keep intake temps below 150 degrees for a mile and a half at WOT running 24psi boost. I also have a heat exchanger that can be used in place of the water reservoir, so it could be used on the street with just water, and pump gas at less boost. For high boost (more than 8-10psi) you will of course need to build the motor. The turbo system fits behind the stock radiator. The charge tube is now separate from the turbo compressor. It is much easier to install and is a larger diameter.

Kit includes everything you will need to install. For more than 8psi, you will need motor work. PM for details.

Stainless thick gauge header, super stout, excellent welding
PTE 6262sp billet turbo, K&N filter, good for 600+hp
Tial MVS 38 wastegate
2.25" aluminum charge tube
Water / air intercooled plenum with injector bungs
Fuel rail with 4 Siemens 630cc injectors
Aeromotive 1:1 fuel pressure regulator, liquid FP gauge
Walbro 255lph fuel pump, in OEM housing with plumbed return line, quick disconnect
SplitSecond AIC injector controller box
2 gal custom aluminum water reservoir, Bosch pump, lines
Heat exchanger for street water intercooling (you will need to plumb, I never used it)
Billet oil filter relocator, remote oil filter, -6AN lines
throttle bodies with secondary shaft removed, 3 check valves & fuel rail plumbed for secondary feed
OEM radiator with oil cooler port welded
OEM oil pan with bulkhead fitting for oil return

$3000 plus shipping.

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What kind of rods did u have in the bike that broke
Stock rods I've been running at 350-450hp for a year.
wow he said it best holy crap
What electronics were u using?how much is it gonna cost to make it work?
The kit is complete. The secondary box controls the extra injectors. You can keep your PC3 for off-boost mapping.
man thats thinking about it
Any quesitons, let me know.
Good God Dean your giving it away, its probably the best sorted zx kit i have seen , and you have the scores on the board to show it
Good luck with the sale ,
Proddy hey , thats a challenging class
Good Seller and a proven kit.
holy crap makes me wanna turn the boost up on my busa
Thanks guys, I could make more parting it out, but I'd like to see the kit get used on a drag bike. Lots of interest, but it will go on eBay in a couple days if no one gets serious.

The new charge tube;

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Still for sale. I will post more pictures soon.
Sorry, it won't fit a ZX14. Talk to Chris Jones at Jones Performance.

Here's a pic of the plenum / injectors and intercooling setup. I may sell it separately for any folks out there with a ZX10 turbo already.

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Hmmm how much you looking to get for the i/c setup and everything that goes with it??
2 gal water reservoir mounts on stock swingarm - needs extensions to fit.

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