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You can get your contingency decals direct from the company that you bought your parts from. However, for your convenience MIROCK racers can pick up their Contingency Decals for most of the sponsors at the M/T display at any MIROCK event during the 2011 season.

Most sponsors will have their decals available there for your convenience. These decals are limited to 2 per person, so be careful when applying them to you motorcycle and plan ahead on where you would like to place them so you do not waste them. Keep in mind that you will need the decal on each side of your bike in a visible place. You can also visit the sponsors on the Vendor Midway to get the contingency decals.

All racers will also need a MIROCK decal on each side of their bike to be eligible for the contingency program. If you do not already have MIROCK decals on both sides of your bike you will need to go to the "Tower" and buy them. They are sold in the tower for $1 each.
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