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what year gsxr 1000 is best to get ??

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I am looking into getting another bike and i was wondering if somone could tell me what year gsxr is the best to get . I see alot of 03/04 real cheap , should i stay away from them ? I will probably stretch and spray , also what year is best for aftermarket parts , Not sure if i want a hydrolic clutch , i know 07 is hyd is any other year ?
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...or just give me 10 grand and lemme build you a fast good lookin bike! :2thumbs:
07-08 the way to go. my 08 is the best one i had so for. the clutch is not bad at all. all the early years can't touch it. 07-08 :2thumbs:
x2 :2thumbs:
That 05 06 is the way to go. It has a cable clutch and is easy to adjust. It has the fastest mid range and you can still put a 01 02 bottom end on it and build the motor to fly. just look at most fast grudge bikes. most are 05 06 frames...
the older you go the stronger the bottom ends it depends on what you want to do...
so true... bought my '02 w/ 3500 miles on it from the original owner who weighed 250+ and rode his ol lady around all the time and ive put 120+ passes on it this year and the clutch is finally just starting to go. And its bone stock everything w/ no power adders whatsoever, except for the D&D bolt on I put on it w/o the mapping for it. might be a bit lacking in HP against the newer 1000s, but the trannys in these gixxers are top notch... I got stock gearing and stock wheel base and run 9.90 w/ it and I weigh 205 pounds, w/ a 1.61 60 foot. If it were me, find the best deal you can and run w/ it.:grind: :2thumbs:
Any year 1K is cool if you are going into the motor. It's all about what you wanna do with it. They all make good power with mods.
Depends on what mods you want to do. 07/08 cases have less metal there so anything larger than a 3 mil overheating issues will occur. If you look at real street and grudge bikes k5/k6's 1000 are everywhere.As for running sevens the real street guys are doing it in fully dressed k5/k6's and kt on a 07.
All the real street bikes have 01 or 02 cases in them. They are thicker and will stand up to alot nos. Anything else will crack. But for the HP, you need at least 05 and up top end to make it cheaper and easier. That's enough info for now. Everyone can make their own decision now.
If you are gonna stay fairly stock with the motor i would get the '07-'08 all day long. They are simply the fastest. If you are looking to go low 8's high 7's you are better off to find the cheapest gixxer you can get because you are gonna have to completely rebuild everything anyways. Pick you up a cheap '04 or so because they have the stronger bottom end and still look decent and are pretty cheap. Get you some rods, pistons, head and cams, studs, tranny done and a good wet kit with a good clutch.
thanks for the info :2thumbs: , i kinda was thinking the same way
thanks to everone for the info !!
If its grudge it doesnt matter! The two holdin it down now are now & later and dopefiend. If its an et bike it still doesnt matter, just get consistant! I personally like the feel of the 01-02, but thats me:buttrock:
07-08 if you are going to stay close to stock. They are faster than the other years.

If you are going for a 7sec bike, 05/06 bike.
01-02 hands down
Grudge? low 8 maybe 7's?
1000 will mean a lot of work and maintenance
busa is easier, just as fast and more reliable than 1k with less $$$ in them.
Anyone put an 05-06 head on an 04 model? If so what kind of bolt on gains were made and what all did you have to change/modify? throttle bodies, airbox??
for a stock motor bike, i think my k6 is my favorite. although i've been riding an 07 here and there and i like it a lot, tranny feels just a little bit nicer. that could be in my head, but it's a nice bike and mph's like crazy.

like erik said though, if you really want to go fast, a busa will keep more cash in your pocket. my gixxer is fun to ride and super reliable, but dont get it twisted.
im looking to put a 1000 motor in a 750. what moto

1000 motor
07-08 is the best hands down.. My bro k7 spoiled me
ive had a 03/04 gsxr and there fast but i gotta say my 08 gsxr is tha fastest just learn to drag race and ive ran a 6.06 wit a shitty 1.50 60ft gotta get a bazzaz i run a power commander now wit 93pump gas but i am 70inchs
I have a K5 currently (03-04-2022) with 30,000 Mi. and its still a beast ! Nothing feels better than smoking liter (1000 c.c.) Sportbikes That are a decade + newer than my "2005" GSXR 1000! 2010 - 2017 liter bikes I thrash on a weekly basis... Im in Reno, Nevada if your wondering where to find and test me and my "K5" GSXR 1000. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen>
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