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R1 axle spacers and sleeves for Gen2 Busa

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I came across shorttrack post with all his dimensions for machining spacers and sleeves to get the R1 axle to fit the Gen2 Busa forks. The only part I'm confused about is the spacers? Do I have to machine custom wheel spacers to fit the R1 wheel but at the width he provided and machining the outboard edge to 1.500" O.D. where the spacer will meet the fork?

Or do I have to use the R1 wheel spacers and fabricate spacers to go between them and the forks?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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Figured it out, machined my own wheel spacers and axle sleeves out of 7075 Aluminum. The larger wheel spacer goes on the left side(clutch side) to center up the wheel. Stock r1 axle bolt can also be used without a washer, head is large enough.
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