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Mcbride versus Grimes a Top Fuel final for the history books!

The second “Editor Picks” film takes you up close and personal to the Top Fuel Nitro Methane burning motorcycle drag racing machines we all love to watch race the 1320.

The footage of the “Editor Picks” will be included as part of the DVD of the 2010 Manufacturers Cup Finals that was held on November 12-14 2010 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Valdosta Georgia.
I have scheduled this to be released and ready for purchase in the spring of this year.

You know,who would have ever thought it would have come down to import versus V-Twin in a Top Fuel Final at last years 2010 Manufacturers Cup Finals at South Georgia Motorsports Park.
But it in fact happened,why it has not happened before is a question we all should ask ourselves.

With the near fatal dose of low entry’s that have plagued the class for years…the class more than once was on the chopping block in different sanctioning body’s. Many feared the class would not be a full field as in the past.

Not the case at the Manufacturers Cup Finals of 2010. The Top Fuel Motorcycle teams showed up in force, including the V-Twins!
Tommy Grimes (pictured below) and the Ray Price HD team earned their way to the final round by knocking off opponents that were certainly capable of beating the V-Twin, but each time the V-Twin took the win light.

Larry “Spiderman” Mcbride (pictured above) has and will always be a crown favorite and expected to be in the final round at any event his team enters.

However this would not be the case at this event since Mcbride was having a tough time getting down the track.
The Ray Price Harley Davidson Top Fuel Motorcycle Drag Racing Team pilot, Tommy grimes said....

READ FULL TORY AND WATCH VIDEO>>> Mcbride versus Grimes a Top Fuel final for the history books! | Dragbike News In The World of Motorcycle Drag Racing!
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