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Map sensor voltage clamp - supercharging project

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A voltage clamp sends the ECU the max voltage that the map sensor does so it tricks it not to see the actual boost level, correct?

Let’s say that the stock map sensor is 1 bar and the max boost level is 2 bar.

The map sensor reaches 1 bar and sends to the ECU the 5v signal.

Increasing boost over 1 bar, the voltage clamp goes in and keeps the signal at 5v.

After 1 bar, how is the fueling adjusted as the ECU is stuck with the 5v (1 bar) reading?
The engine gets more air in and it should add also more fuel.

How is it done?
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Hopefully you have an aftermarket ecu or at the very least a gen 2 busa ecu. Usually goes into an open loop rich condition/map. Not very efficient. Just replace with a 3 or 4 bar map sensor, tune accordingly on dyno, problem solved. Not sure about stock ecu's reprogramming for different map sensors.
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