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The 13129 is one of the smallest regulators that I trust. Sit down and draw out a schematic of all the line lengths, fittings and adaptors you will need. Just like drawing out a nitrous system.

I've been drawing out and listing parts for my fuel system. Jegs has a great deal on push lock fittings and push lock line (in a choice of 4 different colors, omgg). The killer is the npt to an male/male AN adaptors. 6-8 bucks a piece.

Aeromotive is a local brand for me, and I actually go to school with the owners daughters, we're all Jayhawks. I love their products and I like supporting them. They support my two most local tracks and I also appreciate that.

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Yep. The only problem I see there is that planning it off the bike, I ran into A LOT of kinking issues when routing. I eventually rerouted the damn fuel pump to my battery compartment, so that I would have straight lines under the tank. (rerouted my battery to the tail section, near the taillight. Lots of guys buy smaller batteries and put them in the front end to get weight there. I'm not that serious yet)

My fuel setup is not for turbo, I was just having too many issues with the stock one so I upgraded.

Here is a vid of the routing: YouTube - Walbro 255 fuel pump and Aeromotive FPR on Hayabusa

From petcock to fuel filter to pump. (some guys say that this spot for the filter gives inconsistent fuel pressure, but of all my times on the dyno, I haven't seen it. I also want to protect my Walbro, and the DAY I put the filter in, I saw black specks caught in it, trying to get in my pump/regulator/motor :pissed:)

from pump to fpr
fpr to fuel rail
fpr to return on tank
fpr skinny nylon hose to pressure gauge
capped off my vacuum off fpr (to get constant 43-ish psi)
capped off vacuum that it led to on the vacuum T.

Bike has never ran smoother!
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