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Help!!! In need of an absolutely unobtanium GSXR 1100W part!!!

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Whats up guys, new here. I usually frequent the forums but the nice folks over there have sent me this way in hopes that I have better luck... I'm on the hunt for a Superbike Mike (aka SBM, SBM Engineering) 1298cc billet cylinder block for a water-cooled Suzuki GSXR1100. I have a ridiculous amount of time and money into this bike, and I love it very, very dearly, and this is really the final special part that I need to make it everything I've ever dreamed of (aside from commonly available bits for this next motor build).

I know, there's probably about 0.5 of these things in existence today, but I am determined, and literally willing to sell my left nut for this thing. Pistons I'm not worried about. Matter of fact, I would even entertain a damaged cylinder as I have access to some pretty good machinists and I like a challenge. PLEASE, if you have any type of lead on one of these rare things please send it my way, I will pursue it, I'm not here to waste anyone's time!!

PS: While I am on the fence about going FCR, I am also lowkey on the hunt for some 40mm Non-US market BST carbs, if anyone has any leads!

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Bump? I don't mean to be pushy here but damn fellas I'm struggling here LOL.
Where are you located
Hey I’m in Northern NJ, USA. About 20 min from NYC. And I’m willing to help coordinate and pay for international shipping, if necessary.

Awesome!! Give me a text or a call anytime at (862)228-4876 thank you!!!

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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