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Complete Hayabusa mc-4 ignition kit. Everything you need to make run on a hayabusa motor. Everything in the complete kit plus Hayabusa dummy coils and shift light/launch master. 510 755 1900. $650 [email protected]

Computer interface for easy programming
0-25 degree start retard
Mapable run timing curve
Launch Ramp Delay by time 0 - 2.5 seconds
Three step retards by RPM or switch
0 - 2.50 Second step retard off delay for precise nitrous control
Progressive timing retard by time for progressive NOS
Launch Timing Curve to prevent tire slippage
Individual cylinder timing when optional cam sync sensor is used
Gear Retard - Retard a different amount for each gear
Shift Kill feature with programmable delays 20-99 milliseconds
Shift Kill Modes for Manual, Auto 1, 2 and Auto 1, 2, 3
Optional Boost Retard curve when used with an external MAP sensor for turbo applications (2 - 45 PSI)
Built in RPM Activated Window Switch - Turn any device up to 3 amps on at any rpm then back off at a different RPM
Sequential Shift Light - Turn on an optional shift light at a different rpm for each gear
Sequential Shifter - turns any air shifter into a fully automatic shifter (3 amps max)
Tach Output wire for tachometers or data recorders
Monitor Mode for easy set up of three step switches

Optional handle bar mounted launch RPM Selector/Shift light

Hayabusa Dummy coils

The kit comes complete with Billet Ignition Housing, Billet Rotor, Dyna Pro Trigger, MSD MC-4 Ignition, MSD Coils, MSD 8.5mm Plug Wire, and Wire Harness.

MPS Hayabusa MC-4 Ignition Kit
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