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Hi guys
I have been posting my full work of my 1000k6 in forums step step but now I am at a point I don't know what to do, this is the 6 time the engine willl be out .
I have a 1000 k6 I am turboing it.
The engine so far is on the bike fully mounted but does a strange whine on decel, have checked con and crank bearing,thrust bearing I farked up the first time as the where wrong ones in and with its tolerances by book.
Since there the part list is as follows

- new engine block as the old one had scores to nikasil (incl the lower half, matching cases)
-wossner low comp pistons
-wossner rods
-cometic 60thou
-all engine bearings new in its tolerances (plastigauge)
-high volume oil gear
-high pressure relief valve
-plenum from M.turbos
-deka Injectors,upper
-walbro external fuel pump
-aem fuel regulator,rising, 1:1
- Garrett 2871r oil rest.1mm and water cooled
-mechanical scavenger pump
-clutch n springs
-bov and WG, bov set to very soft and WG has 8-10 psi spring...but this doesnt matter atm
I'm leaving the wg open and just running the engine for sediments in oil

Any help is appreciated, been working a long time on it and at the end.... gremlins


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