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Hi guys
My name is Danny, haven't found the welcome area...
I'm a into engine tuning,having my own Spain.
Proud owner of a gsxr 1000 k5/6
And doing a turbo build atm,still waiting for parts
So far my setup is this one
-wossner Piston and rod
-ape main and head studs
-high volume oil gear
-walbro gls392
-turbo gt2871r (t3flange)
-bov+waste if the internal is no good
-new engine bearings and seals
-60thou head gasket
-aem fuel regulator
-water intercooler
- dragon boost gauge

Still need to weld a plenum
And getting injectors, I'm thinking about the 875 deka from Siemens, as fuelling can be adjusted they would run in a low easy duty cycle.
Still need to get the rods delivered before I do anything further...
Is the injector reasonable ? Better a lower duty cycle and going over 90...or?

The bike I'm going to tune on Dyno using datalog and aiming for a 11.8 afr under wot.

Thanks guys and nice to meet ya all

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