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Hey guys, I know it's generally frowned upon to go around selling crap on a forum that doesn't know you, and I apologize. I just can't think of a better place to sell this stuff. Been a member for a handful of years now but never really had anything useful to contribute.

Anywho. As the title says, I'm selling all my stuff. I have a complete, roadworthy naked turbo Busa ('08) as well as a disassembled '05 build-that-never-was, plus various spares for both. So lots of stuff, both gens.

The gen 2 turbo engine has 0 miles on the current build (including the turbo) and I'd like to at least sell the engine and turbo together. If I can get rid of the fuel system with it, all the better.
Top end is fully built.. cams, valves, timing stuff, HD everything, the works. Turbo is a T3/4 hybrid 90mm/64mm. Bottom end is stock, save for the oil pump gear and clutch springs. Has some billet bits on the outside, oil filter relocation bracket, etc. All internal work was done by Mike Lukachy of QuikCycles.

Wiring harness and frame on that bike are customized, I think I have a couple spare harnesses though. The frame has a clean Colorado title.
On that note, the 05 frame does not have a title so will not be sold here.

Off the top of my head:

Have a few OEM shocks and an Ohlins SU-406.
Couple sets of calipers, pile of stainless clutch and brake lines, slave brace, multiple sets of triples, lots of odds and ends like that.
Polished gen 1 swingarm, painted gen 2 arm.
Most of a gen 1 engine disassembled. Crank, cases, gearset, etc.
1 set of gen 1 ebay bodywork minus the tail, all paint-matched with 3 different front fairings to choose from (OEM, GSXR, and one other I don't recall).
Couple gen 2 ECU's.
Gen 2 OEM black right and front fairing, gray left fairing.
Complete B-King tail and swingarm.
Gen 2 tank in good shape, black.

Lots more. I have 20ft worth of floor-to-ceiling shelving, full of mostly Busa parts. Ask for what you're looking for and I'll check on it for you.
Prices will be a reasonable discount off whatever the ebay prices are. If you're CONUS and buying more than a few hundred bucks I'll cover shipping, otherwise buyer pays.

Happy riding!
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