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I have been working on a new set of definition files to suit 15H00 Hayabusa GEN II.
They are based on Ridgeracers' original definitions & ECU Editor.
I find that ECU Editor has many bugs and its not the best for map editing. It is great to use for flashing and datalogging though.
Woolich Racing Tuned is not FREE anymore so this is the next best thing for people like me that don't want to spend big $$$
I would also be interested in hearing from anyone who would be interested in helping developing these definitions further.

You can download XML definition file from my dropbox:

It is best to use RomRaider --- Later version have bugs and can corrupt BIN files when saving.
Download here:

I use boostbysmiths flasher box and ecu editor to flash. I use romraider for all map editing now.
Check it out, tell me what you think....

I am now working on an XDF file for TunerPro. I find Romraider has its limitations too....

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Hi Luke,

I was scouring the net for the XML definition for the Gen 2 Hayabusa and came across your post here

Very old post I realise, anyway, thanks for leaving the original XML definitions from Ridge Racer uploaded.

I also found the repository of the ECU Editor source here if it's of any use to you

I was combing through the main.vb of the EE source looking for the table memory address locations for the Busa [K8] bin file which is included with EE to see if I could assign more functions to the unidentified tables in the XML files, but they seem to be coded elsewhere.

Anyway I did manage to change the RPM tables scaling of some of the tables within RomRaider, saved out the bin resulting file and loaded into EE - some changes took, others didn't and the upper RPM limit didn't change.

Did you get any further with defining the tables within the XML files?

Reason I ask is because the Busa bin features within EE make that binary perfect for EFI conversion, with the RPM limits being the necessary change.

I am yet to figure out the table 'unification' that's been done by PetriK, but he did post in various forums changes he made to table axes to change RPM limits and successfully ran that Busa Gen 2 bin flashed onto a K7 GSXR1K ECU running K7 GSXR1K for dyno tuning

The guy was a genius

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