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The staff at Dragbike Live sat down and after hours of debate and discussion put together a list of what we think are the Top 10 News Story’s to come out of the year 2010.

Our decision process is based on three criteria which are impact to the sport ,reader interest, and most important, media wide reporting. In other words this is not a ranking of story’s we covered, rather all of motorcycle drag racing media coverage and not in any certain order for determination for rank.

Each year this will become a annual article,another industry first from Dragbike Live. While there are many story’s that make up 2010 we can not possible rank them all, we rank the story’s based strictly from the three criteria points and nothing else. We will begin each year with a review and then ranking of the story’s as you will begin to read below.

2010 Summarily

The year 2010 will go down in the records books as a tumultuous year for the sport of motorcycle drag racing and the industry which has grown out of it and continues to support it. The year began with outlooks and a perceptive brighter than the year before (2009) that preceded it.
Many people hoped 2010 would be a new horizon for the sport, a sport that was showing strong signs of suffering from the United States’ “Great Recession” which began three years prior.

As the new year resolutions were being made with the bells of the new year ringing, the book of year 2010 would be a novel. A hard backed diary to be written by 12 authors(months) and with as much as 31(days) contributors.

With each days end, each author and contributor would write pages and chapters that would come to effect everyone and bring surprises along with disappointments coupled with utter heartbreak. The turning of the page for many in the sport, along with the closing of chapters for others.

A book with many pages and chapters that some would have rather to have seen never published and many that will live long in the memories of everyone, published to the archives of time and history of the sport. 2010 would turn out to be a roller coaster ride of emotions and will become to be known as the year with the darkest days and newest beginnings in motorcycle drag racing......

#10 Grudge Racing explodes in popularity
#9 James “Puppet” DiTullio passes

READ FULL STORY AND RANKS>>>> Dragbike Top 10 News Story’s of 2010 | Dragbike News In The World of Motorcycle Drag Racing!
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