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I hate this word, but here goes!

I assume you are talking about the back torque limiter, as I don't know what a mudle is. If you don't have pressure on the clutch I would check to ensure your pressure plate went on correctly.
Checking the pressure plate is simple. (2 steps)
1) Put the bike on a rear stand. Start it, put it in gear and slowly release the clutch lever. If the rear tire doesnt spin, it's more than likely your pressure plate.
2) Pull the clutch cover. With the bike OFF (don't start the bike with the clutch cover off.....ever) pull the clutch lever while watching the clutch pack. The whole pack (not the basket, the pack inside of it) should expand. When you release the lever it should compress. If it is not doing this (or barely doing it) your pressure plate is probably not installed correctly.
Pull the pressure plate, push the pin in behind it, (it will take some pressure, but it needs to be pushed in) then put the pressure plate back on. You may have to press the pressure plate in a little while you try to line it up. Don't just slap it on there....there are grooves that it needs to line up on. Once it is in place, keep some pressure on it while you install the springs. Try step 2 again before you button everything up. Then try step 1 again.
Hope this helps!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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