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I have an odd issues I think. Bike sat all winter I swapped the chain on it th other day
When in neutral- wheel spins just fine sitting on a stand very easily.
When I pit it in gear and then pull the clutch in. It is a struggle to spin the wheel so obviously the clutch is grabbing a little too my. Has Drag PAC from cycle concepts in there. Ran great all last year cycle concepts Dwayne is very helpful.
My question is where and whT do I need to adjust to get the clutch to releAse all the way when pulled in?
Where does the pin adjuster thing that is accessible from the center cap of clutch cover need to be at. No waddle, a little bit of moving space??????
I even tried adjust the lever to be tight as he'll to get that clutch to pull away and still very hard to spin he wheel. Any input would be great.
Thank you
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