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Carpenter Racing 1430 Motor

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I was wondering if anyone on here knows a decent amount about a Bob Carpenter 1430cc motor. I’m looking at picking up a bike soon and one I found has a Carpenter racing 1430 motor in it. I want to use the bike for more street use then track use. I was wondering if this motor can be used for street applications or not?
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1430's (85MM) usually will run Hotter than the 1397 (84MM) Engines Because the sleeves are Thinner on the Bores. Other Variables are Compression and your Coolant System Upgrades.
i once sold a guy in russia an 86mm offset big block piston cylinder kit,which was intended for track use only, the first time i heard from him his response was,i have allready put 500 miles streetriding this thing and its great...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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