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I need everyone to read the MIROCK Points System very carefully! Line by line until you fully understand it please.

Follow procedure and pay attention to the results please. Check your timeslip after ecah run to make sure your bike number is correct. Make sure you have the same bike number on all of your bikes that you are riding, and make sure you use the same bike number all year.

If you swap bikes with someone, cross out their number or remove it and put on your bike number.

Make sure every pass you make that you check your timeslip and that it has your bike number on it. Sometimes the clock operator may put down a wrong number but it is your responsibility to make sure it is correct on the slip. If it is not, you must notify the tower immediately.

After each race we have over 400-500 racers, and this is a HUGE task for me to do points. Please help me out by making sure you know the points system. It is your responsibility.
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