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Hey Dave,

Welcome to the ZX12R lifestyle. You will receive very little direction regarding the ZX12R because the ZX14 (and now ZX14R) have completely eclipsed this bike. In my opinion, the ZX12R still stands as one of Kawasaki's cornerstone bikes. There woud be no ZX14R without the ZX12R.

Simple mods for the ZX12R include a full system exhaust, Race Air Filters (BMC Race are good), PC and tune. You should be able to get close to 170 rwhp with these mods. Some folks like changing the sprockets to get better acceleration or higher top speed but I'm riding stock gearing.

Bigger $$$ mods include 1270 / 1287 piston kit, head porting, stroker kits, etc. The skies the limit with the ZX12R. Just gotta find a really solid builder to put it all together the right way.

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