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  1. Garage Sale
    still in the package 46 tooth 525 rear sprocket coated black for a zx 10.part #454-46 . $40 plus shipping.
  2. Garage Sale
    sprocket is for a 525 chain used less than 500 miles, will fit a 04-07 zx10r. 25.00 tyd.
  3. Wanted Items
    Looking for a good condition 44 tooth rear sprocket for a 2008 ZX14. Email me at [email protected]
  4. Wanted Items
    need marchesini 10 spoke rear wheel sprocket 47 for 2007 gsxr 1000!!!:beer: or stock wheel
  5. Wanted Items
    Who has the best price on a 530, 46 tooth rear sprocket for a 05-06 GSXR1000...shipped to Clarksdale, MS 38614.....New or Used :2thumbs:
  6. Wanted Items
    I need a clean used 99-07 Hayabusa sprocket cover. My speedo bolt backed out and cracked mine and I need to replace it. If you have one PM me pics and a price. Please PM me because I will not be checking this post. Thanks :beer:
  7. Honda CBR
    Is anybody running a 15 45 setup?
  8. Sponsor Products & News updates
    Now til Thursday 10/28 -- all vortex rear sprockets are on sale $15 off -- call 317-523-4049 or email [email protected] to order!
  9. Kawasaki ZX12R-ZX14
    I have 16 46 gearing do I need to file one corner of my sprocket bolt
  10. Garage Sale
    I have a new 16t vortex sprocket for 04 Gsxr 1000 that I don't need I bought it and my bike already had one on it I'll take 23 shipped
  11. Wanted Items
    I need a 44 tooth sprocket for a 05 zx10 with a 525 chain. Let me know what you have and the price to have it shipped to 29571.
  12. Wanted Items
    I'm lookin for a 42 tooth sprocket for my RC Aurora rim on my busa. Need it for Friday. Anyone got one they can ship asap let me know
  13. Suzuki Hayabusa
    Going race Saturday. I need to find a 42 tooth rc comp aurora sprocket for Cush drive asap need it here asap. Let me know who has one. Thanks
  14. Wanted Items
    Wanted sprocket 630 chain size to fit kosman, RC Comp 8 bolt pattern on 3in. bolt circle. Would be interested in 46,47, or 48 tooth sprocket. I am located in Ohio. Can pay with Paypal. These are currently availible on Ebay brand new, but I don't want to spend $100.00 to find out that I have...
  15. Wanted Items
    This post is probably gonna sound kinda crazy but I'm looking for a Gen I Busa adjustable cam sprocket for the intake side. My 1441 project is ready for the tuner with the exception of this one piece! Must be in good working order - drop in ready. If you've got one laying around let's talk...
  16. Wanted Items
    Looking for a 42 rear sprocket for 04/05/06 r1. :2thumbs:
  17. Garage Sale
    Brand new still in the box,black rcc sprocket cover & case saver 175.00 plus is a link to pic
  18. Wanted Items
    i am in need of a front 16 tooth front sprocket and a 43 tooth rear sprocket.
  19. Suzuki Hayabusa
    I would like to know if the GenII sprocket cover will fit on the GenI.
1-19 of 214 Results