Ok so this is going to be a rook question. I recently bought a 2000 zx12, it had issues when I bought it. The guy said first gear was out bc it wouldn’t shift into first , when attempting to shift it would click and not go into gear, when it was forced into gear it hit hard with a loud clunk.

I removed the clutch cover and found a friction plate broken, I replaced the clutch plates and still had the same issue. So I removed the engine and did a transmission swap and shift fork replacement. The shift forks were discolored and ground down. I also replaced the clutch basket and hub bc I broke it trying to remove it.

I reinstalled everything and hooked up the clutch cable, for some reason I don’t have that tension behind the clutch, the lever when pulled is floppy, I’ve replaced the clutch lever, cable, and have it adjusted for maximum travel , but I can’t seem to get it to release and “go back” to have tension on the lever.

I have yet to start it and see if it shifts properly based on I don’t think the clutch is going to disengage ..... help!